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Coaches, Managers and Parents:

Listed below are some General Rules that will apply to our Tournament to be held at Freedom Park, Sacramento Softball Complex and Carmichael Park.  Directions to the fields can be found on our website.

Please review the rules carefully so that we can avoid any confusion
at the entry gate and during the weekend.

GATE FEE : there will be a Gate Fee of $5.00 per adult and $3.00 for Seniors & kids under 12, per day, at Freedom Park and Sac Complex.  There is no charge for players and up to 4 coaches per team.  Gate Fee paid per day will be good at all sites.  

ICE CHESTS: there is a Snack Bar located at Freedom Park and the Sac Complex.  Therefore, NO ICE CHESTS or OUTSIDE FOOD  will be allowed inside the gate at Freedom Park and the Sac Complex.  Only 1 team ice chest will be allowed into Freedom Park and Sac Complex for use during games.  We WILL NOT have a Snack Bar at Carmichael Park so teams can also bring their own food/drinks .  There are fast food restaurants nearby.  But we will have some drinks and package food items at Antelope.

PARKING: parking is only allowed in designated lots.  Freedom Park and Sac Complex - PLEASE DO NOT park down the service road to the gate or in the lots to the north and directly in front of CA Family Fitness. 

OVERNIGHT RV CAMPING: There is NO overnight camping or parking at any of the tournament sites. There are RV parks listed at the bottom of our hotels link on our website.

UNSPORTSMAN-LIKE CONDUCT: WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! This includes everyone; coaches, managers, players and spectators.  Anyone using abusive language or behavior could be subject to ejection from the tournament.

NO SMOKING: There is No Smoking allowed inside the gate at Freedom Park and Sac Complex - a smoking area is located outside of the gate.   Thank You for being considerate of this rule.

NO ALCOHOL: No Alcohol is allowed at any of the fields including the parking lots.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

NO SCOOTERS, ROLLER BLADES, SKATEBOARD, BIKES, ETC.:will be allowed at inside the gate at Freedom Park, Sac Complex and Antelope Park.  This is a safety concern for everyone in the tournament.

NO PETS: are allowed inside the gates of Freedom Park, Sac Complex and Antelope Park. Exceptions for legal guide and service dogs.

PLEASE KEEP THE AREA CLEAN: please do your part in assisting us in keeping the parks clean of your garbage and debris.

Team Managers will be responsible for all persons including players and
coaches as well as spectators associated with their team.

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Directions To Fields

A reminder that NO OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINKS except for team ice chest and water coolers are allowed
inside the Gate at the Sac Complex and Freedom Park.  The City of Sacramento comes down on us very hard regarding this rule.  
This jeopardizes our use of the fields in the future.  You are welcome to
picnic outside the Gates but please honor our rules regarding items inside the Complexes.
Sunday Games
14U and 16/18U playing at Sac Complex
10U and 12U  playing at Freedom Park
Saturday Bracket
Sunday Brackets
Note:  16/18U will start games at 10:00 at Sac Complex
10U Gold
10U Silver
12U Gold
12U Silver
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