Freedom Park

Coaches, Managers and Parents:
Please review our General rules first so that we can avoid any confusion
at the entry gate and during the weekend.
Listed below are some General Rules that will apply to our Tournaments to be held at Freedom Park.  Other fields may be used depending upon availability.  General Rules may vary depending upon what other fields are used.  Directions to the fields can be found on our website.

GATE FEE - AT ALL SITES: there will be a Gate Fee of $5.00 per adult and $3.00 for Seniors & kids under 10, per day, at all sites.  There is no charge for players and up to 4 coaches per team.  Gate Fee paid per day will be good at all sites.

ICE CHESTS & OUTSIDE FOOD/DRINKS:We have a full Snack Bar.  Therefore, NO ICE CHESTS OR OUTSIDE FOOD/DRINKS  will be allowed inside the gate at Freedom Park.  Freedom Park has grass areas to picnic outside of the gate. Please leave them in your cars.
We can no longer allow Sunflower Seed or any other nuts with shells at Freedom Park. 
The shells have cause major damage to our drainage and sewer system.

PARKING:there is NO PARKING ALLOWED in the lot north of CA Family Fitness on Dudley.  Please do not park in this lot or you will be subject to be cited and/or towed.  There is parking in our lot near the Air Musuem and also along the streets.  DO NOT DRIVE DOWN THE PATH TO THE FRONT GATE OF THE COMPLEX.  Any Vehicles in this area belong to staff.

UNSPORTSMAN-LIKE CONDUCT: WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! This includes everyone; coaches, managers, players and spectators.  Anyone using abusive language or behavior could be subject to ejection from the tournament.

NO SMOKING: There is No Smoking allowed in the bleacher and snack bar area at all sites.  Smoking will be only allowed at designated smoking area outside the Main Gate at Freedom Park.   Smokers, Thank You for being considerate of this rule.

NO ALCOHOL: No Alcohol is allowed at any of the fields including the parking lots.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

NO SCOOTERS, ROLLER BLADES, SKATEBOARD, BIKES, BASKETBALLS, ETC.:will be allowed inside the complex at Freedom Park  This is a safety concern for everyone in the tournament.

NO PETS: even on leash, are allowed insides the gate at all sites. Exceptions, for service dogs.

PLEASE KEEP THE AREA CLEAN: please do your part in assisting us in keeping the parks clean of your garbage and debris.

Team Managers will be responsible for all persons including players and
coaches as well as spectators associated with their team.